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Making Rum

WOOD STORK is made in the Black Forest, and this is how we do it.

Cane sugar

All rum is based on cane sugar. The cane for the WOOD STORK Spiced Rum comes from South America. After the harvest, the sugar cane is put through several centrifuges to release the sugar crystals. What remains is molasses. This thick, sticky mass contains enough sugar to make alcohol.


The sugar cane molasses are the basic ingredient of our WOOD STORK rum. On arrival in the Black Forest, the molasses is combined with yeast and enzymes to convert the sugar in the molasses into alcohol. This process is called fermentation. After fermentation, the alcohol is distilled in Black Forest copper stills. The pot still process traps all the intense sugar cane aromas. Further processing in the Black Forest ensures excellent quality, and we can proudly say that our WOOD STORK Rum is MADE IN THE BLACK FOREST.


We add spices to our WOOD STORK Rum to give it is particular flavour: It is refined using a colourful mixture of the best spices from around the world. A touch of ginger from Australia, a hint of chilli from China. Beautifully bittersweet thanks to the combination of coffee beans from South America and bitter orange from China.  The subtle sweetness of vanilla from Asia and cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast creates a rounded, full bouquet.

Black Forest EXTRA

And WOOD STORK Spiced Rum from the Black Forest is given that little extra by adding original Black Forest spruce and pine honey.