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Rum presents

Or how the copper stork got onto the bottle.

The Stork

WOOD STORK are large wading birds also called wood ibis. They live in South America where they enjoy life in permanent sunshine. The stork symbolises travel and discovery. A bird that goes on an adventure to experience something beautiful.

The WOOD STORK is our spirit animal, our inspiration, our model, so that we never forget why we started this project and that we have chosen the right path. And that’s how WOOD STORK Spiced Rum gained its stork.

But why copper?

Our Gold Piece

There’s a simple answer to that. Traditionally, rum used to be sold in clear bottles so that people could see what they were buying. We thought it would be a nice idea to have a beautiful surprise on opening the bottle at home, at the bar, or among friends, and discovering and being overwhelmed by the beauty of our WOOD STORK Spiced Rum Made in the Black Forest. And to make sure nobody ignores our great product just because of its slightly different design, we also added the copper wood stork to the bottle. That’s because the contents of our pharmacy-style bottles are as beautiful as the copper on the bottle!

One motto – one goal

We follow the motto “Travel the World, Spread your Wings, Find your own Adventure“, and the design of the Wood Stork bottle reflects the first adventure, which mirrors some of the influences and inspirations of our adventure.